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              Completely redefining the meaning of “temporary”!

With a powerful new model for placing candidates in open positions, there is no one in our region like Staffing’s Logical Resource, Inc.

Founded in 2013, by Sumer LeeAnn Redmon, SLR, Inc. is the only full service staffing firm in our area working exclusively with a non-profit organization (People Help People) to fully prep and vet candidates to place in your open positions.

The result is a tactical, usable program called Restoring Humanity in which all of our candidates (except most high level direct hire positions) must complete. This gives potential employees a superior edge in the job search game. That translates to quality, savings and assurance for companies like yours!

The Restoring Humanity initiative believes that there seems to be “something off” in the spirit of humanity today. We believe an overwhelming part of that is employment and personal economy – as well as personal confidence and opportunity. Restoring Humanity addresses these needs through an energetic and intensive 3 1/2 day workshop. The workshop includes:

  • 12 hours of job assessment, job search preparation, and career development skills

  • 12 hours of “life coaching”, including developing inner core values about work ethic and giving back

  • 6 hours mentor assignment and one-on-one coaching (an individual’s mentor stays assigned and works with them as long as they are affiliated with the program)

You may hear other companies say they take the time to match the right people with the right job. First, we take a lot of time to get to know YOU. This isn’t one and done – never just one presentation and little to no relationship building.


In fact, we take great lengths to ensure that your company’s needs and goals align with our overall mission before we even think about working together! You will walk away from initial meetings with us with energy and excitement about moving forward. We cannot and will not work to “just get warm bodies” in vacant positions!


Also, we actually spend more than 3 full days with candidates in intense assessment, preparation and coaching before they are even presented to you. We use powerful modern tools like gallup strengths and career development assessment surveys. And all of our courses are developed or reviewed by Master’s Level degreed experts. Our classroom content is fresh, timely and actionable for every student.  Participants will be able to start using the tools the day they are taught – and hone them for a lifetime.

Because we believe so strongly in our model, every employee placement is fully guaranteed.

Call and speak with Sumer LeeAnn Redmon for a complete presentation packet and more details.


Here is everything you need to know that we cover for you:

  • Passive recruiting / active recruiting

  • Direct hire placements

  • Temp-to-hire placements

  • Seasonal and 3rd shift workers

  • Background screening

  • 12 panel drug screening

  • 3 1/2 day workshop preparing candidates to be the best employees available

  • Lifelong mentorship for our candidates

  • Liberal discounts for prepay or early pay

  • Tailored, creative solutions for those situations that don’t fit the norm

  • Access to a local, regional and national candidate database – both active and passive candidates

  • Continual career development – we work with all employees throughout their tenure with you to sharpen their overall skill set to keep them the best hiring decision you have ever made

  • Full guarantee

  • Brand exposure – your work with us is actually a collaboration in the mission Restoring Humanity has which exponentially increases the exposure partner companies have who work with us

  • First place choice for booth sponsorships, banner advertising, and other exposure opportunities through our fairs, events, rallies, seminars and other community events

  • Access to our curriculum – if you have current employees you want to register for our classes, but not the workshop, we work with companies and organizations to offer our courses a la carte. Remember: all of our courses are developed and/or reviewed by Master’s Level degreed experts in their field. You won’t find curriculum content like ours anywhere else

  • Our ongoing coaching – our coaching employees several successful strategies to push and develop our participants – we will not let them settle for anything else than the best for their lives and you benefit directly from that ongoing coaching, translating into thousands of dollars in retention cost savings

  • Our candidates are fully prepped, eager and excited to start working for you and proved themselves so they are top of the list to become hired on permanently