Jason Lee Overbey

Jason Lee Overbey

Jason Lee Overbey, a former minister turned businessman, is the Executive Director of our powerful initiative. Jason has been a real activist in the community with his work intensifying over the last 4 years, bringing him in the spotlight for his work in the addictions recovery community.

He brings 7 years of transformational non-profit leadership to the table. His passion, energy and humor is contagious as he brings a real entrepreneurial vibe to our organization. He believes in conducting classes and workshops that keep participants engaged for the entire duration of the course. Never a dull moment!

He also has 7 years in recruiting & career development success and was named by US News & World Report as one of the top people to follow on Google+ for job seeking advice.

Jason is also the head of our advocacy work at the initiative and is addicted to following local Cincinnati, Ohio and regional politics. His personal blog is housed at:  http://speakupcincinnati.com

Write him: jason@restoringhumanity.org