The Restoring Humanity Initiative

***OUR FIRST WORKSHOP ORIENTATION STARTS FRIDAY, SEPT. 18, 2015. CALL 513-970-8500 or 513-448-6864***



1. bring back (a previous right, practice, custom, or situation); reinstate.



  1. the human race; human beings collectively.
  2. humaneness; benevolence; compassion/philanthropy.         

re·stor·ing   hu·man·i·ty

Restoring Humanity is the powerful non-profit initiative born out of the collaboration of two independent corporations…


Staffing’s Logical Resource and People Help People


Our work is unique, intense and effective. We will not let our participants settle for anything less than the best.

Proud to be located and active in Westwood, today we have a serious vision to impact the economy in Cincinnati and our region:

“one individual, one company at a time”.

But our daily business isn’t limited to “just job preparedness, job placement, and life coaching”. While employment & mentorship is the core of our current work, when we see an opportunity to restore the humanity in a person, family, neighborhood, or organization, we will jump in – whatever that may look like!

Please see the end of this page where we make an important note on our organizational structure!


The Restoring Humanity philosophy:

When the everyday American talks about “the economy”, they really mean their personal pocketbook.

We have to remember this when we discuss the economy, watch news reports, and read economic data. For our purposes, we view “the economy” as the personal bottom line for an individual or for one organization. It is not the stock market. It is not gross domestic product. It isn’t trade negotiations. It isn’t even the price of oil per barrel and sometimes not even the national interest rate(s).

This distinction is why someone can hear on the news that “the economy” is getting “better” and still feel like there are no jobs and feel like they cannot afford gas!


“To coin a phrase, then, all economies are local! Most of the time, local down to my address.”

– Restoring Humanity Executive Director, Jason Lee Overbey, borrowing from the phrase, “All politics is local”, usually attributed to former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill


So keeping the definition of “the economy” very personal and local, we believe, and data explains, that the personal economy gets “better” when:

  • The individual has basic needs met and so-called “disposable” income to put back in the marketplace by purchasing goods and services that are not necessarily essential for survival.
  • Companies, therefore, flourish and add jobs as well as make purchases in the marketplace.

People have that “extra” income when there are jobs and those jobs pay a wages that are considered to be competitive.

We understand that companies do NOT create jobs. Companies supply jobs.

Strictly speaking, jobs are created, basically, because the individual is spending money in the marketplace and companies, therefore, have to add (or supply) new positions. Yes, it is an interlocking cycle. But the spending consumer created the need. The spending consumer can be an individual, a family, or an organization. Think about it: companies who shut down chiefly close because… people are not buying their product. They are making purchases because they don’t have cash flow to do it. They don’t have cash flow to do it mainly:

  • Because companies will not or cannot raise their base pay for entry to mid-level employees…
  • Because the jobs available today require some form of training beyond a high school and a major part of the spending economy doesn’t have that training, therefore, their options for employment are limited to low paying positions…
  • Because many of those low paying positions are vanishing because… again… they don’t have customers like they used to.

So our “all economies are local” philosophy is built around the two ideas that personal economies flourish when:

  • First, the individual can get competitive paying work and feel free spending disposable income and

  • Second, companies (especially small businesses and very local/regional companies) get that influx of cash, add jobs and spend cash, too.


We are not naïve. We know the economy is global. We know far more complex variables factor into the equation. We know there are problems with the tax code and too much “big money” in politics. But this basic understanding that we live by does work to make a very big start.

Restoring Humanity wants to be a part of the solution to what is broken in this personal economy model. The program we launched, therefore, is powerfully
from other so-called “jobs programs”. Our impact goes deeper and is more lasting.

From our internal management, philosophy, our curriculum, staffing, and our obligation to give back to other non-profits we accomplish that impact because we have a laser focus 3-point model:

  • People FIRST (Individuals, One-by-One)™

    • Are you a person? You can use Restoring Humanity. Not only individuals at or below the poverty level need help. But people. Period. There are many people, in many different demographics, struggling to find jobs – even when there are jobs out there!
    • People first means TAILORED programs. That’s right! Everyone who is onboarded to our program gets personal attention, individual assessment, and tailored planning.
    • Immigrant focus. Cincinnati has a growing immigrant population. Mayor John Cranley wants Cincinnati to be one of the most immigrant-friendly cities in the nation. With that ideal, immigrant population will soar. Restoring Humanity has Spanish-speaking educators and mentors to fill in that gap missing in other jobs programs. And… we are working on many others languages, too.
    • FREE 3-day intensive and energetic workshop to prep students in job readiness and life coaching core competencies. FREE includes all supplies and all course materials. See “The Program” below.
    • Long-term mentorship program for each person in addition to the FREE workshop.
    • Powerful referral services. People need more than just jobs.
    • Our Life Coaching core competencies blow other programs out of the water. All students will leave with a whole new outlook on life and a personal drive to be the best… and give back. See “The Program” below.
  • Organizations NEXT (Sharing the Marketplace, Sharing the Mission)
    • Cincinnati First!
    • Greater Cincinnati Region and National Next.
    • All organizations we work with must understand our mission, believe in what we are doing, and commit to a shared mission & goals statement (call us for complete details and/or presentation). If not, that’s great, however, we cannot work together on the Restoring Humanity program because it won’t work.
    • Organizations? We partner with companies offering jobs, other non-profits offering resources, other non-profits wanting to be better leaders in our region and in non-profit management, and we partner with institutions in specialized areas.
    • Special pricing and arrangements for an organization’s current employees/leaders who have not gone through our workshop to take our courses a la cart: in our classroom, on their site, or online.
    • Logo placement and promotion by us on our website, printed publications, social media, PR campaigns and other publications. If you partner with us, then we believe in what YOU are doing, too, and we want to prove it.
    • Written guarantees.
    • Generous discounts and competitive pricing where pricing is applicable.
    • For organizations offering jobs, we do the drug and background screening for you.
    • ALL of our students complete our workshop (see “The Program” below) with a mandate to give back. Can your organization benefit from this?
    • Support. Organizations are people, too. For companies, they need more than employees. Talk with us about what else we can do for you.


  • The Program: Restoring Humanity™
  • Born out of the philosophy that something “just feels off” about humanity in modern society. Part of that is coming from the current state of the economy; the personal economy. People need jobs, organizations need customers. Some people and organizations are losing hope.
  • There IS hope! Those who “have” must give!
  • People need an intensive “shot in the arm” of hope and preparedness… and an opportunity.
  • People Help People, the non-profit 501(c)3 will provide teaching, mentoring, and training. PHP will engage in advocacy. PHP will “jump in” on other initiatives that line up with our mission.
  • Staffing’s Logical Resource, Inc. will work with People Help People and provide job placement.
  • This strategic and high-impacting partnership is called Restoring Humanity.

  • Why a staffing firm? Don’t students need to “go and get their own job”?

    The truth is, today’s workplace has changed. It will continue to change. The household has changed. Many families need alternating, so-called “temp” jobs. Many need 3rd shift. A lot of people are now working from home, virtually. Not everyone needs or fits into the 9 to 5. Let’s ask ourselves: “Are we going to force a person into 9 to 5?” What happens when a 9 to 5 isn’t readily available but a temp-to-hire job from 1 to 10 is?

    Staffing’s Logical Resource provides REAL jobs for REAL situations. Jobs with flexibility and, yes, jobs with permanency. Placement is tailored, keeping in line with our People FIRST model.

    Many of our positions are temp-to-hire, not temporary. And with our special partnerships, students get priority preference when a company extends a permanent offer. The honest answer is that a large segment of the employable are not served when staffing firm services are demonized and left out.

    ALL students walk away from the Restoring Humanity workshop with powerful, actionable tools to find a job “on their own” if their individual plan leads us that way. But everyone can use a little help. And the mentor stays with students to give it. Reach out to us if you are interested in being a mentor!

  • Program Curriculum & Mentorship:
    • All participants are individually assessed, assigned a mentor, and develop an individualized plan.

    • Workshop curriculum is divided into two core components:
      • Job Seeking & Career Development
        • 12 hours
        • Includes such courses as: “Why am I here? Finding meaningful work!”, “Transferrable Skills: You’ve never been a painter in your life!”, “Linkedin: The resume’s only “like” on social media”, “Get the job, Keep the job! Why do you break up with me every few months?”
        • Specialized courses/training when applicable.

      • “Life Coaching”
        • 12 hours
        • Includes such courses as: “Why am I here? I thought we just did this in the job class?”, “Meditation: Would a guru do it driving a forklift?”, “You are not a clown, but you can juggle: kids, the house, job, and more.”, “Can I ride with you to Wal-mart, I need to grab a personality.”

    • All of our courses are developed and/or reviewed by academic writers with a minimum of a Master’s Level degree and are experts in their fields with plenty of real-world experience.

    • All of our courses are developed with top curriculum development model standards – we use various approaches, formats and platforms to convey course material in an actionable and engaging way – courses keep in mind scope, sequence, continuity, and integration – all of our courses are outcomes-based education (OBE) so students can take real and measurable action.


    • All course material weaves in the VARK principle of varying learning styles. V-visual A-auditory R-reading/writing K-kinesthetic.
  • Students approved for the workshop attend FREE.

A quick word on our legal structure:

Staffing’s Logical Resource, Inc. is its own separate corporation. People Help People, Inc. is its own separate non-profit.

In 2015, the two organizations underwent a dramatic reorganization of their entire operations and focus so they could work together solely to bring the Restoring Humanity program to our area. This partnership is becoming more and more common. Eight states (Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming) have passed legislation to specifically create such a partnership. They are called “low profit limited liability” companies or L3C. Ohio has considered the legislation but not passed it. Ohio will recognize formations of L3C created in another state.

The Restoring Humanity initiative opted to stay a program under the innovative, hybrid cooperation of two already existing and separate corporations. The established non-profit world is not only accepting the idea but promoting it to increase impact. There are many such hybrid structures. Here are some links where you can read more:

The Social Enterprise Hybrid Structure                                                                               The Hybrid Ideal


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Example of a Hybrid: EMBRACE                                                                                        Example of a Hybrid: MOZILLA/FIREFOX


More Hybrid Examples                                                                                                         Forbes Article: Rise of Charitable For-profits

A few people who do not fully understand the legal hybrid cooperation have questions. In the interest of full transparency, Restoring Humanity easily eliminates possible concerns by our total accountability and openness. Indeed, we are non-profit 2.0 management and our management priority is integrity in all operations and to set an example for others:

  • Both organizations are incorporated separately in the State of Ohio
  • Both organizations file complete, separate annual tax reports
  • Both organizations, therefore, have completely separate internal regulations, rules, codes of conduct, company policies
  • People Help People, the non-profit, files 990s and all records are open to the public
  • People Help People never engages in activities considered for-profit and takes great pains to avoid even the appearance of such activity; PHP’s work is solely and totally non-profit and charitable
  • People Help People has a governing board and requires board voting for most major decisions and all PHP activities are accountable to the board (please contact us if you have an interest in being a board member)
  • Staffing’s Logical Resource, although not required, in the interest of transparency, provides major financial and operational information to the public (by request and appointment only)
  • Both organizations, although next door to each other, maintain separate addresses and do not share resources
  • Both organizations offer tours and “get to know us” events
  • Restoring Humanity labors hard to educate anyone who has an interest in how effective hybrid cooperation can be and how other organizations can benefit and join in, too
  • We have clear and strict arm’s length and conflict of interest policies and take any violations of conflict of interest seriously

We hope you share in our excitement about the potential for our hybrid cooperation and welcome you to contact us for more information, for resources or to join us on the path! Thank you.