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Restoring Humanity

The unique program born out of the new Staffing’s Logical Resource and People Help People collaboration. Introducing the Restoring Humanity initiative!

Meet Restoring Humanity

Staffing’s Logical Resource

Launched in 2013, meet the staffing firm that collaborated with People Help People to create the Restoring Humanity initiative. SLR is not the staffing agency you are used to!

Meet SLR the Co.

People Help People

Forged from the founder’s passion for helping people, meet the non-profit that partnered with Staffing’s Logical Resource to build the Restoring Humanity initiative.

Meet People Help People

Powerful Job Search Tips

The most cutting edge job search tips available in this new economy!


We provide Life Coaching, too. Here are some inspirational resources you to lift you up!

Links & Resources

You’ll learn that we are all about a holistic approach to Restoring Humanity. Here is a suite of resources and links you can use!

Our Location & Office Info

Map. Photos. Facts. Social stuff.


Featured Video

Finding Purpose


A TedX Video! 

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NOT your typical Job Placement program!


$15  $20  $50 $500  

Any amount will

keep us going &

is tax deductible!

Be a Part of the Movement! Click Here!

Our state-of-the-art workshop & job placement service is 100% free to all participants and we want to keep it that way! We need your help to reach  $50,000 to PUT PEOPLE TO WORK! Help by making a donation today!

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